Female condoms: recommendations, advantages, and disadvantages

Female condoms do the same as male condoms: they protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Made of a soft and thin plastic, and their shape is designed to fit comfortably inside the vagina.
They can be placed up to 8 hours before sex, and left until 8 hours later, as long as the woman remains lying down (the site you lift before removing the condom, the semen will drain off the shore). As it adjusts very precisely, the female condom can use in a wide variety of sexual positions.

The female condom is an excellent alternative to the male condom. Imagine a huge and loose male condom with a ring on both sides. That is a female condom. The closed end ring is soft and flexible and is used to insert the condom and keep it secure in place. The arillo at the open end (where the penis enters) is also soft and flexible.

It protrudes from the vagina by two or three centimeters and partially covers the vaginal lips. Female condoms only exist in one size and are partially filled with lubricant. Often, more lubricant is required to maintain the love relationship without friction. Female condoms can only be used once and then discarded.

Female condoms can only be used once and then discarded.

The most important thing to know about the female condom is that it can be a little difficult to put it at the beginning. However, with practice, it becomes easier. But practice enough before using it as protection. A female condom that is misplaced may not protect you against pregnancy or infections.

Nor will you be protected if you do not use it correctly, which means that you will need the cooperation of your partner: you should not let the appearance bother you (some people think it looks strange) and accept that you guide your penis in the entrance. You should also be prepared to stop if the penis accidentally slips out of the condom and into the vagina.

Another cause to stop is if the movement of the penis causes the condom to slip out of the vagina or push the outer ring inward (if this happens, more lubricant is required, either inside the condom or directly on the penis). The female and male condoms cannot use at the same time.

The female condom has a 95 percent effectiveness in preventing pregnancy if used correctly. As these cover a more extensive skin surface than male condoms, they also offer better protection against some diseases such as herpes and genital warts.

Be prepared to be patient when you put it on because with the lubricant it is very slippery.

  1. Make sure you do not tear open the condom when you open the package.
  2. Rub the condom between your two to distribute the lubricant evenly inside. It is time to add more lubricant if you wish.
  3. Make sure that the ring that you will enter is the one that is on the closed end.
  4. Find a comfortable position (standing, sitting or squatting) with your knees apart.
  5. Hold the condom by the end Closed With your thumb and a half. The open end will hang down.
  6. Squeeze the closed end with your thumb and middle finger, freeing your index finger, so you are ready for step 8.
  7. This is the part where you must be patient. With the other hand, separate and open the lips of the vagina and insert the condom into it. If it slips, try again. Make sure it enters without twisting.
  8. Using the index finger of the hand holding the condom, push it as far into the vagina as possible.
  9. Use by hand to guide your boyfriend’s penis into the vagina.
  10. After making love and before you get up, remove the condom. Be sure to squeeze the outer ring to prevent the semen from dripping out. And finally, throw the condom in the trash.

Advantages of female condom

They give women control of their protection, not only against pregnancy but also against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. You can get it without a physical examination or a prescription.

It iszmade of polyurethane, not latex, which represents an alternative for people who are allergic to latex. You can use it with lubricants soluble in water and oil. Immediately take body temperature. It fits the contour of the vagina. It is more resistant than latex and therefore, it is less frequent to break like the male condom. It is easy to carry. Many women and men say that sex is more pleasurable than with a male condom.

And the disadvantages?

It does not adequately protect against herpes, genital warts, syphilis, chancroid, and crabs. It is possible to get out of place if there is not enough lubrication. In the beginning, it may be difficult to place it. It may break or be defective. It is more expensive than the male condom.

It requires the cooperation of your partner. Some women feel that it is uncomfortable. Others say it makes noise (embarrassing for some people, fun for others). The penis can slide and enter the side of the condom by mistake, with the risk of pregnancy.

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