Is mastrubation good for health? What they never told you!


Masturbation is an ancient practice. For thousands of years, individuals have felt physical desire and touched their genitals. If they were touched in the proper way and for long enough, they reached orgasm. With this, they released sexual tension and felt good.

In some parts of the world, people began to discourage masturbation because they feared that with this practice the valuable life-giving semen would be wasted. In other parts of the world, other groups developed the religious idea that the only purpose of the sexual activity was procreation. Soon masturbation was considered a great evil of humanity.

Around the 19th century, scientific testimonies werepublished describing the way in which masturbation drained vital fluids from the body and generated poor health. The supposed consequences were acne, headaches, baldness, blindness, loss of memory, madness, sterility, epilepsy, weakness in legs and arms and even hair growth in the palm of the hands.

The truth was that publicizing these risks was simply a tactic to discourage people from masturbation. Nowadays it has been shown that masturbation does not cause any harm to health and that, in fact, it is a simple and healthy sexual activity.

Is it good to masturbate?

Yes, entirely for several reasons.

It’s pleasant

You learn about your body

You learn about your sexual response

You release tension

There are no risks of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases

And you can express your sexuality without having a partner

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