Good Sex is The Result of Knowing How your Body Works.

Everyone enjoys different things when it comes to sex. Type of sexual relations:

  • Masturbation alone or in couplessexuality and gender
  • Oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Using sex toys
  • Telephone or web sex.
  • Read or watch pornography


What are erogenous zones?

We have parts of the body that have more nerve endings and make you feel sexually excited when someone touches them. Those are your erogenous zones.

The most erogenous areas for most people are the genital areas: the vulva, clitoris, vaginal lips, vagina, penis, scrotum, perineum, prostate, and anus.

Other common erogenous zones are the breasts, nipples, buttocks, mouth, ears, neck and feet. But all people are different, so it is recommended to venture out and discover or simply ask.

We hope you find everything useful, greetings and great sex for everyone.


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