How to put a Male Condom?

The reason for the popularity of condoms is not a mystery. For a low price, it allows people to have an active sex life without worrying too much about pregnancy. It also offers excellent protection against HIV and many other sexually transmitted infections.

As a method of birth control, condoms work by stopping the sperm from entering the vagina. As protection against sexually transmitted diseases, they work by preventing the exchange of fluids between the couple and reducing skin-to-skin contact.

Condoms have an 88 percent effectiveness to prevent pregnancy. If you use a spermicide every time you have sex, you can increase its efficiency up to 97%. And if you practice carefully the following list will significantly reduce the risk of catching you with a disease. But before you start, check the expiration date. If the condom is old, throw it away.

  1. Put on the condom when your penis is erect, not before.
  2. Open the package carefully, make sure not to cut or tear the condom in the process. If you know, you will have sex, open the box in advance to save a few seconds, but do not remove the condom.
  3. Remove the condom and place it on the tip of the penis. Squeeze the air that trapped in the tank; if it does not have a deposit, pull the tip a bit so that the sperm has room to stay. This is the time to lower the foreskin if you are not circumcised.
  4. Unroll the entire condom to the base of the penis.
  5. Place the condom leaving no air bubbles.
  6. As soon as you ejaculate, remove the penis from the vagina, anus or mouth (if you still have it inserted when you lose the erection, the semen can drain and leave). Make sure you hold the base of the Condom before you leave.
  7. Without releasing the base of the condom, remove the penis and throw the condom away.

how to put a condom

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