Vibrators Controlled by Phone Apps

If for almost everything in life nowadays there is an application, it was just a matter of time before there was a vibrator controlled by a cell phone. So, we do not require anything else! A famous company has just launched a mobile app, which can be controlled by your smartphone, allowing partners to be closely connected regardless of the distance between them.

vibrator phone controlled

This app was created to connect couples and build intimacy, and the novelty adds another option of connecting in a fun way, because they can customize their experiences and take to another level. With the app, you can choose various types of movements and even create a kind of “playlist” with preferences.

Sex apps for your cellphone

With different apps you can control the vibration in your cellphone and also download to control certain types of vibrators specially designed for that purpose. Smartphones have become an extension of our memory, the best companion of boring waiting time, shortened distances and may even be a loyal allied to our orgasm.

Confused? Just a quick walk through app stores and you will discover the world of apps that can turn any cellphone into a vibrator; this can be a solution for anyone embarrassed to go into a sex shop.

But, before going after one to call yours, some warnings are worth a mention:

  • Cellphones carry an absurd amount of bacteria: cover the device with a surgical glove or condom before using it.
  • Protect your privacy by covering all the cameras with tape.
  • Cellphone is just an improvised sex toy and should not be introduced at all. Just position over the genitalia and enjoy with gentle handling.

Easy does it

You can turn your cellphone into a true affordable vibrator massager with easy control. The massager application is able to vibrate and massage the different parts of your body using vibration ability of the smartphone.

You can massage your face with gentle vibration or massage another part of the body with different levels of vibration, reducing pain and improving blood circulation as well. When we searched the internet, we found no less than four apps promising to turn the phone into a vibrator.

We also found apps controlling other toys using the same program. They can be controlled from the distance and respond to programs from your cellphone. It is all about technology playing a part into your deepest desires and pleasure.

According to the experts, we are living the glory days of “Teledildonics”, also known as “cyberdildonics”. In case you are not familiar with the concept, this is the technology branch whose focus is on the creation of erotic toys that can be controlled by the internet – which allows you to, for example, guide the movements of a vibrator in another part of the word, thousands of miles away from you.

Our final say

We are getting into a world of new possibilities, keeping up with the technology working on our favor. We can actually “go to the moon and back” with some of the apps we find available even for free. It is just a matter of having an open mind for new things.

There is nothing better than pure pleasure when our heart is lacking a tender loving care. So, apps controlling our sex toys, or even acting as vibrators can make a difference in our lives. However, as mentioned before, take care and keep a clean environment every time you are dealing with possible source of bacteria.

The main point is the happiness to be achieved and the novelty of playing with something new.
Be happy, healthier and live longer!

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