Do women and men masturbate equally?

In recent research, the number of women who claim to masturbate frequently has increased. Is this because more women masturbate or because women start to feel comfortable admitting it?

It is likely that they are both. Regardless of the statistics, women of all ages give themselves sexual pleasure in many different ways: using their fingers to caress their vulva and clitoris, inserting one or more fingers into their vagina, stimulating the vulva with a vibrator or with the Waterjet from the manual shower, pressing against the pillow or pressing both legs rhythmically.

It is not unusual for women to use their free hand to stroke their breasts or other erogenous zones. Some women fantasize when they masturbate, while others do not think about anything but prefer to concentrate on the sensations.

And the men?

More than 90 percent of the boys masturbate, either little or much. The usual method is to hold the body of the penis with one hand and move it up and down rhythmically and with different degrees of pressure. It usually results in ejaculation and orgasm.

For some boys, the pleasure is more significant if they caress their glans or scrotum with the hand they have unoccupied, or if they use a lubricant (saliva or a commercial lubricant) to reduce friction. Another way to masturbate is to rub the penis between two pillows or against the mattress. Masturbation associated with fantasies. Some guys like to do it while they watch erotic magazines or images on the net or watching erotic movies. Others just like to think of someone who excites them.

Masturbation is an excellent way for many children to learn to control themselves and not ejaculate too soon.

Women and men masturbate equally

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